English mofo, do u speak it ?

Recieving millions of mails from my international fans, I coulnt help but post something in english. I knew it was just a matter of time when I started this blog anyway. So for those who dont know jackshit about why this blog exists or what purpose it serves, here is my ultimate answer: I put things in here! Suprised, are you ? Well dont be, cuz we are just starting !!!

We have a saying in turkish, (şaka bi yana), which means joke , to the other  side, :D let me inform you with some details about cenkozmercan.wordpress.com. Here I show some of the stuff I did like some websites, things I do for TV, or other kinds of multimedia projects mainly. Also I post some of the series, movies, games kinda stuff, if I enjoyed em and want u to check it out cuz I think u might as well. you also could find some links to other sites where u can download these stuff, however I dont need to mention that I has no controls over those sites and what u do in the interwebs should be your own responsibility. I never download things ever!

So I really dunno what else to write, cuz most probably you are one of my friends from the islands, (or a friend of a friend) or, you should be one of those medics who didnt revive me on time ffs, and I just dont know how to incorporate these different realms of mine into a single blog. If u has some suggestiongs tho, go ahead and comment some, otherwise know that their spawn is 3 – 33 and just avoid fulls!!! and gib them hahaha :D

hf and bibuy



About cenkozmercan

I do the things that I like to do and if 1 is good, 10 is a whole lot better.

2 responses to “English mofo, do u speak it ?”

  1. Dim says :

    Mahalo – now that your blog partially became legible, I can finally spread the word of it’s existance throughout the world……….
    Did you see, I even rated your ‘thing’.
    See Ya – sometime………..

  2. cenkozmercan says :

    rate me moooaaar !

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