Great Questions Asked on Yahoo Answers!

I know it has been a while I havent posted something for my international fans of the interwebs, so here we go. We all know Yahoo Answers, time and again, hosts some of the most ridiculous, unspeakable, ungodly, and basically demented questions manifested by the human brain. And some of these makes me lol, yet this one above, this one my friends is something special and needs my undivided attention for real. One reason it attracted my attention is that it indeed is a weird question, however not a 100% perverted one, such as “how to clean semen from my cats fur” or blatantly stupid one, such as “if I dont use my vagina for long, will it heal up and close”. Yet still, it is about “shoving pizza crust in one’s rectum”, and being somewhat innocent about it.

This guy, who is doing this to get back at her mom, who in turn gets mad because she has to take him to the emergency, reminded me of an interview I read ages ago about Pet Shop Boys, and one of the guys there said “I bacame gay to piss my parents off”, and I remember being mesmerized by such a declaration. I mean, for fucks sake, how can you come up with something like this? Going gay, to piss your parents? How does that work? This just doesnt piss your parents off, but you get to get penetrated on the process, and sadly, not by a pizza crust! I mean I dont wanna sound sexist or anything but if there was a gun at my head, and I were to choose “pizza crust in my butt” or “a dude in my butt”, it really is not a question at all, you know. And this is why I kinda evaluated “pizza stuffed in the ass” somewhat innocent, up there somewhere. You wanna do something really disturbing to get your parents mad, something morbid so to speak, and you stuff pizza crust in you ass! Now that is insanely morbid, however childish enough to be innocent.

What really got me intrigued was, you can come up with something so random, but you fail to find something else? I belive this guy has enough, if not excessive, imagination to work as an author, or whatever job you can think of that requires imagination. A true visionary, who can think out of the box. Still he is encaged in the idea of stuffing pizza in his ass, and asking for help to come up with something else. How is that even possible? I’d expect a guy who possesses this imagination to find something even more retarted. On the other hand, I did pause for a moment, before starting this sentence to give an example. What might be more lunatic, retarded, parent pissing action to beat pizza crust in the ass, and frankly I couldnt come up with something else. So I hereby, bow down before this young (presumebly) man, and stop writing right here, right now.

Bonus Yahoo Question

I know this is an oldie, but nevertheless goldie :) if you want some more, here is a link.


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5 responses to “Great Questions Asked on Yahoo Answers!”

  1. dilhun says :

    İngilizce yazmaya devam edersen nasıl yorum yazabiliriz ki? Şiddetle kınıyorum from U:S:A….

  2. dilhun says :

    olmaz ingilizce yazarsan olmaz… şiddetle kınıyorum…

  3. cenkozmercan says :

    duble kınama aldım 4:05 ve 4:08 gibi bir zaman periyodunda oh my goodnes! :D heheh

  4. Dim says :

    Yippiehayeyoh – an English post! And what genuine quality it contains… To say it in Barney’s words – that guy is awesome – incredibly stupid but awesome!
    Mahalo to the informant of such splendid content.

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