My Science Project

Having recieved millions of fan mail, I decided it is that time of the year again, dear english speaking peoples of the interwebs. Today my scope is bigger than what it seems at first. I will be covering multiple subjects at once, I hope you can keep up with my demented mind ho ho ho.

Here we are gonna be investigating a site called My Science Project. Sounds pretty fancy to me. Because as we know, if it’s the science then it’s gotta be cool right, since we are all nerds in here in the interwebs! So, this site, which I will be referring as MSP from now on, is WIN, because it is nowhere close to FAIL. So lets start with something artificial: The looks!

The looks of the site is very much like the invention of http protocol. There are pictures and there are texts. No fancy flash shit here mind you! So all the apple lovers take a deep breath, you are in the safe zone now. Dear ipad owner at the back of the room, take your ifail out, your device can show this site properly, as internets were meant to be! No animations, no nothing, just pure old http like in 1988, I can see your eyes shine already you cool brat. So your investment in an apple product, which costed you dearly, is paying off now. “gg”

However I also need to mention, for those of you who has the sarsasm meters raging at the moment, I actually am being sincere. Because I might sound like a Macromedia (or Adobe as they pwned macromedia) fanboy, but I belive in functionality. And this site functions just perfect with “just pictures and text”, since it’s meant to be that way. They are like the mythbusters of the interwebs, focusing mainly on Jell-o. They take a serious question at hand, and then they put it in the test of the sciences, like how much alcohol will disintegrate the Jell-O shots, or how to nail Jell-O to the wall without breaking it to pieces! And this brings us to our next focus point: Content!

Content of this site is win. Because not only it covers cool subjects like I mentioned above, it will also teach you some everyday know-hows, such as if u put some viagra in the flowers your boyfriend gave you yesterday, the flowers will be stronger when put to test of time! Who would ever think that? Some medicine, that are meant to keep something specif up and running, can also keep flowers erect! You can read about many ownage experiments here and learn moaaaarrr about how to keep your helloween pumpkin from rotting as much as possible. And the text is actually pretty funny so just like our hero Xzibits would say “They put some funnies in your texts, so you can has fun as you are having fun as you are learning new things” Not only a win-win situation, but also a double win-win situation, which happens to be triple win-win situation for the ifail owner because this time, he can relate to what the fuck is going on in here, since his device can show things to him for a change, and not a lame-ass lego part.

At this point of my writing I feel the irresitable urge to say MSP, because I promised I would be calling this site MSP earlier and then I realized I didnt, which would make me a liar, and since I’m not one, here let me pause for a moment to make my honesty and integrity concrete: MSP, MSP, MSP, MSP, MSP, MSP, MSP…As my brain tells me, I’m running quite low on bullshiting resources,  I shut up now and give you the link.


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5 responses to “My Science Project”

  1. William Meharg says :

    what a great site and informative posts, I will bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

  2. dev!ant says :

    najs post, I lold

    We did it for science!

  3. dev!ant says :

    glad you did ;)

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