E-mails From an Asshole

This site is residing in my bookmarks for quite a while by now, and I was looking for an opportunity to share it with my beloved english speaking fans. Today I woke up without my regular dayly morning diarrhea, so I decided this was the opportunity which I was looking for.

I think mahla, who is a finnish rifle nab, sent me the link sometime ago. And hereby I give him the credit, so that he can cease teambleeding me from now on ho ho ho.

E-mails from an asshole is what you think it is. It’s a site where some dude, reveals some of the e-mails he sends to some ads people posted here and there. And eventually people reply to him, and he keeps the conversation going as long as possible, meanwhile some of the most hilarious BS material sees the light of the day :D For instance the picture of this post is about a guy who is looking for disguised weapons, I dunno what kind, prolly some james bond kinda stuff, and our guy is trying to sell him this “normally ordinary looking party cup at first glance, but if u look close enough you’ll see that it is actually a Glock 18C handgun”. Anyways here is the link, make sure to check out the top rated stuff when you get there.


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4 responses to “E-mails From an Asshole”

  1. canan says :

    baş ağrısıyla sersem gibi başladığım güne çok iyi geldi :)

  2. Anonim says :

    insanely funy
    had to read all posts. cost me about half a work-day. Excellent distraction with quite a trashy morbid touch.
    the former nocturnal once again made my day. Now how is it possible to spread so much joy and happyness for an evil death metal person like you? Ohhh, I forgot – you changed. You are a married man now with great responsibilities. Well thanks, however, unexplainable for your delighting entertainment. You should become an entertainer – on stage – aren’t you the people person?
    A lot of mahalos and Alohas to you – THE GÄRMÄN

    • cenkozmercan says :

      hey tim sup ?
      I’m somewhere around the aegean sea on vacation at the moment and I have been subject to
      so much mediterreanian and greek culture and so much fish for meal and I hate fish! I mean fish are ok but I dont like to eat them also I dont like wine and all that shit I came across here. I’ll be back home in around 1-2 days and will fill the bathtub with blood and eat raw red meat to come back to myself for a while…just like the good ol’ death metal days :P
      by the way yea I’m a married man because in here as u can imagine our thousand years of traditions forces us to marry the girl before she pulls out a baby otherwise there will be jihad my friend ho ho ho :P
      anyways bro I hope you are doing fine and send me some pix of the kliene (spelled wrong prolly :)) sherer
      and of course I’m a people person, when the people arent around :P many mahalos

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