Nevermind the Bullets: Mandatory English Post xD

I know I ignored you moar then I should have, dear english speaking person, but know this, I always think about you, and the times we had or the times we should have had, or the times new roman catholic ha x 3.

So as you can see I’m still the funny guy that you always wanted me to be, smiling at the ungodly face of life which seldom does the same back at me, smile that is, or even if it does, I cant know that now, can I? Because I’m making things up as I go, saying thing like “face of life”… I mean wtf is that anyways ? Smiling at the face of life, which doesnt smile back at me…like I’m pwned or what ? haha Let me tell you this, I pwn this life, not the other way around hahaha! Haters gonna hate…

So I was surfing the international webs, and I do that because if I dont, then its boring and/or fail! So I came across this “nevermind the bullets” site, which is a homage to sex pistols’ “nevermind the bollocks” and encourages you that you dont need to be able to play an instrument to make music! But only 1 thing different, you do have to play something and also it has nothing to do with sex pistols, see I’m still making things up! Hilarious eh?

So then I said “dude, pls, wtf, stfu, gtfo nub”, and he was like “omg nerd, Imma nuke you from orbit”, and then I realized, this has got nothing to do with what I’m writing in here, in fact, I just created a whole new dimension of making things up, in the universe where you cant actually make anything up, or destroy it for that matter because we all know matter transforms into energy and energy transforms into matter, and nothing can be made up anyways!

Blehzors I thought at this moment, cuz I’m starving and trying to finish this post, but I couldnt even start it. I kinda pnwed myself. Selfpwnage, is it a bad thing ? Like PWNSTURBATION…well, I gotta finish what I started, or better yet, I gotta start what I couldnt start already!

So yeah, I came across this neat css experiment kinda, parallax scrolling , editable cool site which you can, guess what, edit…and make your own version, and I really liked the idea and the implementation. But being the flash lover that I am, I gotta underline that very fact taht, those of you who blame flash of being a cpu hog, this css site DOES STUTTER, but as I said I liked it and there is no shame of liking the things that you like, unless you are gay:)

Ok nubs till next time, hf gg bb

ah btw, here is the thingy I did


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2 responses to “Nevermind the Bullets: Mandatory English Post xD”

  1. Dim says :

    So – this pretty much looks like me playing unreal tournament without any kind of ability to change weapons or aim at opponents other than myself….

    Did you know I met with Oguz? He was here in Munich during a fair – crazy Turk!

    Mahalöo for the English post even though it was bullshit (contentwise) and terrible (spellingwise), however, appreciated (languagewise)

    the …wise guy

    • cenkozmercan says :

      UT is so 90s tim, you need to evolve a bit :P

      Oğuz called me couple of days ago and I was gaming online so I didnt talk much to him, he sounded dissapointed but I’m sure he wasnt because he never is, can I dont think he can be :D but he told me that he saw you, didnt go into details much tho.

      English posts I wanna write more but my million turkish fans dont like it much, so I do what I can mostly…and come on the content is awesome and full of win, or am I being delusional???

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