Latest Show of Ricky Gervais, Science is Full of Win (and I’m back)

So I had been afk, (that is away from keyboard, which stands for out of town or whatever reason I couldnt be online for around a week) in the language of the interwebs. And you wouldn’t know that now, would you? Why, simply because I wrote, like most of the stuff that I do here, that I’ll be afk for sometime in Turkish. Another sad fact that I wanted to keep you, English speaking fans of mine, away to protect you, yourself. Because life is like that, and basically we are done with the first paragraph here.

Ricky is one funny mofo I must say, and although I like the USA version of “The Office” more, he was doing a hell of job there, which is how I met him. But then just because, I cant really understand English people speaking English, I just swichted to the USA version. So if you are reading this Ricky, it wasnt your fault that show got cancelled, its just because we cant really understand what you are saying, which is kind of an handicap in terms of getting the jokes.

So what was I saying…I had been afk yea right. Anyways so when you are not online for a week, and you live your regular life in it, that is the internets, then your download queue tends to get long, and long it was. Apart from teh weekly series, like dexter, weeds, and the office ( sorry rick), there was this release which grabbed my attention. Ricky Gervais Newest Show, Scince. And I do love Ricky because when you listen to him enough you can kinda understand what he is saying, and I did that with his earlier shows, and the youtube thingy he had with Larry David, who I guess is my all time favorite comedian, and the normalest(most normal sounds gay to me for some reason) person who ever lived.

So I knew it was gonna be funny, disturbing, and epic, and Science gave me all of that. It was funny, and epicly disturbing, which is a good thing because when you are laughing at something disturbing, such as a joke about a dad getting dissapointed because his 6 year old daughter couldnt get raped properly, you instantly realize you are such an open minded, liberal person.

And there is no reason to make this any longer than it already is, because you shouldnt be reading this anymore and finding a download link or a torrent for Ricky’s latest work, or if you are not living in a 3rd world country such as myself, you can even go and purchase it of course :P No no, I just lied, we Turks arent the barbarians we used to be, and it is a shame I know. I’m missing my days in the States when a cab driver would occasionally, gets curious about my accent and asks me where I was from, and when I tell him I’m a Turk he asks “You are not gonna kill me, right?”. These are the questions I wanna reply “yes” to, but cant anymore. It even seems they will take us in EU, like in 100 years or so.

Wtf am I still babbling about right? Here are some links Official Ricky Gervais Page , Some Download links / Some Alternatives to Illegal Downloads


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