Epic Rap Battle: Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler!

For some reason, I tend to start these english posts with how I kinda ignored my  english speaking fans. And what kinda reason might that be? Like the fact that I did ignore you, but cry no more dear beloved friend. Here I’m back and serving you with what’s worth, let’s say 12 of my regular turkish posts. Some nub called niko forwarded this to me, but we never call him niko. We call him mahla, because you dont call people with their real names on the interwebs right? So yea, I didnt watch it right away, and it was a blessing in disguise, because I had a life then. And at some point I pressed play on tape, but wait, this aint no commodore 64, what press play on tape? Anyways, so as the song started I was amused, in the middle I was mesmerized, when it ended I was paralized and after watching it 156 times in a row I was still trying to watch it 1 more time.

So I think Darth Vader won simply because he has robot balls, and also he was funnier, however I also noted that Adolf’s voice sounded kinda nicer.

And by the way, if u dont know what “dirty sanchez” is, you might wanna look it up in the urbandictionary.com, but after you’ve done that, you might very well regret it, having that image in your head and that word in your vocabularies.


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